Working with Edge Actions

An Edge Action is high-level JavaScript code that you can run on the Octave Edge device, to transform events and send them to the cloud or to another Resource on the device.

Events can be transformed from the following sources, depending on the firmware version of the Octave edge device:



An Edge Action is like a Cloud Action but runs on physical Octave Edge devices.

The code within an Edge Action can output new Events to be sent to the cloud and set the values of Resources. While an Edge Action is executing, it has full access to read and write data from Resources. Edge Actions are most commonly used to route and/or process data on the edge using locally-available sensor and configuration data.

After you have connected your asset to Octave, it's time to start orchestrating data at the edge. Octave provides a rich environment for reading, observing, and processing data at the edge that is configurable from the cloud.

This section will guide you through everything you need to work with data at the edge, including: