Using device MetaData

Some of the device information is known by the Octave Cloud platform (such as it's serial number).
If you need to have access to that information within a Cloud Action, you can use the Octave.device functions to access them as referenced here.

For example, the following code shows how to access the device hardware information from a Cloud Action

function (event) {

var deviceName = Octave.Device.getName();           // get the name of the device which was originating the event
  var filterString = 'name=="' + deviceName + '"';    // we'll need to search it from the device database - assembling the search term
  var device = Octave.Device.find({'filter': filterString})[0];  // getting the result of the search, as we're searching for 
                                                                 // a single device with a unique name we'll just take the first of the list [0] 
                                                                 // (shouldn't be more anyway)
  var FSN = null;
  var IMEI = null;

  if(device.hasOwnProperty('hardware')){  // just for security - check if sub elements are present 
      FSN = device.hardware.fsn;
      IMEI = device.hardware.imei;
 /// your logic based on IMEI/FSN here