Cloud Initiated Streams

Often times you will want to temporarily change a value on an Octave edge device (e.g., the reporting period for a Resource, a Sensor threshold, etc.) from the cloud, to override the default configured value, while still allowing the device to revert back to its default value after it's rebooted.

The :command Stream can be used to push temporary changes to an Octave edge device that have not yet been written to the device's storage (so the value will revert on restart). Accessing the :command stream is an ad hoc way to read or write to a Resource.

You can access Events in the :command Stream in the following ways:



One of the key advantages of Octave is that you can initiate secure, cloud-to-edge communications at any time. Octave devices always remain reachable from the Octave cloud server which means you don't need to establish the typical "connection" or "session" that other IoT frameworks often require; you can always access and use devices immediately if they're powered on and under cell coverage. And thanks to Octave's message-based billing model, devices remain reachable without creating huge cellular bills.