Aggregating Events with Tag Actions

For use cases where you need to use the same Cloud Action logic on a given Stream across multiple Octave edge devices, you can use a Tag to aggregate Events from the same Stream on multiple devices.

The process involves adding the same Tag to multiple devices, so that the same Cloud Action works on the specified Stream on all devices that have that Tag. This allows you to maintain the Cloud Action and its logic in one place, rather than having to create and maintain a Cloud Action for multiple devices.

The steps below show how to create a Tag and then use it to aggregate Events:

  1. Add a Tag to one or more Octave edge devices.
  2. Create a new Cloud Actions but set Aggregate multiple devices using a tag to the Tag you just created.

After the Cloud Action has been created, the source Stream will appear in the list on the Device > Stream page in the form of @<tag>/<source>. For example: @check_inbox=True/:inbox.