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Receiving Data from External Systems

A key feature of Octave is its interoperability with external, third-party cloud systems to send and receive information. The various topics listed below, describe how to different ways to programmatically set up communications between Octave and external, third-party cloud systems:

Invoking Third-party Rest APIs Through Cloud Actions or Tasks

  1. Issuing REST Requests from Within Cloud Actions: how to invoke external, third-party REST APIs from within Cloud Actions.
  2. Using a Task to Periodically Pull in External Data: how to repeatedly pull in external data such as events from RSS feeds.

Writing Data to Octave through Octave APIs

  1. Using the REST API in an External System: how to push data into Octave from an external cloud system using Octave's REST API.
  2. Controlling GPIO as an Output and Controlling Values From the Cloud: builds on the previous topic to show how the REST API can be used to control a value from externally.
  3. Setting a Value From a REST API Call: how to permanently and temporarily change a value on a device using the Octave REST API on an external system.

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Receiving Data from External Systems

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