Handling Configuration Events Programmatically

In Octave edge device firmware 3.2.x and above, an Event for the /cloudInterface/config_received/value Resource is triggered when the device has received a configuration and has executed it.

For example, if the configuration includes the creation of some Virtual Resources, the trigger will fire after the Virtual Resources are actually created. This trigger can be used as a startup indicator to perform an action such as invoking an Edge Action to execute logic at the edge or to initialize a state machine.

Handling a Configuration Event

Follow the steps below to handle configuration Events:

  1. Navigate to Device > Resources.
  2. Select cloudInterface > config_received/value and click the Add Observation button.
  3. Configure where Events should be sent to and save the Observation. For example, to handle configuration Events on the device, configure the Observation to send events to an Edge Action, save it, and then create an Edge Action for that Observation.