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Introducing Octave

Octave is the all-in-one platform for connecting industrial assets to the cloud.

It enables industrial companies to securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from their equipment to their cloud infrastructure:

  • Extract: Pull and normalize data from virtually any type of industrial equipment
  • Orchestrate: Get the right data, at the right time, with the right priority, to the right system
  • Act: Update your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application as your business needs change
  • Secure: Protect your data from the edge to the cloud even as new threats emerge

Octave achieves this through:

  • ready-to-connect edge devices capable of communicating with assets through a variety of protocols
  • edge device compute, data filtering, and event processing
  • robust and secure, two-way data streaming to the cloud along with a cloud-side compute infrastructure
  • device management
  • built-in, pre-provisioned cellular network connectivity, optimized and priced specifically for the needs of IoT communications

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Introducing Octave

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