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Minimizing Messages

The following parameters must be disabled in order to disable all system-generated messages. Doing so will help to minimize message usage and keep billing costs down:

  • Developer mode must be disabled:

  • Edge action logger mode must be disabled:

    • set the /diagnostic/logs/enable Resource to false; or
    • set Edge action logger to disabled in the Edge Action Console screen (disabled by default):
  • CloudInterface “heartbeat” must be optimized or disabled:
    • set the /cloudInterface/store_forward/heartbeat_on_empty Resource to false if you do not need a keep-alive on your device.
    • if you need a HeartBeat, set it to a value optimized for your needs

Once these are disabled, the device will only report Messages related to:

  • Observations you have defined
  • Data sent to the Cloud or Store & Forward from an Edge Action

Updated about a month ago

Minimizing Messages

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