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When handling an Input that sends data at a high rate (e.g., 10 times per second), it can be useful to "throttle" the inputs to avoid reporting each and every value.

This section uses the example of throttling the value of the light sensor included with the mangOH Red, to illustrate how periodically report the value every 10 seconds.

Note that in this configuration, the last known light value at the 10 second interval will be reported. In some cases it may be useful to also configure a buffer, function, and/or filter in addition to throttling, as described in the previous sections.

  1. Create an Observation that Buffers Data.
  2. Enable Throttle events.
  3. Enter 10 into Period. This specifies the time, in seconds, at which the current value from the light sensor will be reported.
  4. Click Save to complete the modification to the Observation.

Updated 10 months ago


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