Configuring Connectivity Watchdog

Sometimes when a communications channel between an Octave edge device and the cloud breaks down, it can be helpful to reboot the device in order to tear down the network connection and re-establish the session with the server.

You can have a device automatically perform this by configuring up the device's Connectivity Watchdog Resource.



The Connectivity Watchdog functionality is available in Octave edge device firmware version 3.x and above.

The Connectivity Watchdog monitors the device's communication to the Cloud and if it detects communication errors for a configurable period of time, it tries to re-establish communications with the cloud. It starts by first power cycling the device's radio (i.e., powers the radio off and then on again) to try to get some coverage from another network. If after 5 minutes the data session is still not established, it instructs the device to reboot.

Configuring the Connectivity Watchdog in Octave

  1. Navigate to Build > Device > Resources.
  2. Expand /cloudInterface/connected/watchdog.
  3. Edit the Resource's value and click Set. The default and minimum value is 900 (15 minutes). If the Resource is set to a value less than 900, Octave will force the value to 900.
  4. To disable the watchdog, perform one of the following steps:
  • Firmware 3.2.0 and below: set a large value, for instance more than 10,000,000 (110 days),
  • Firmware 3.2.0 and above: set the value to 0.
  1. Click Apply to save the change to the device.
  2. Monitor the /cloudInterface/connected/value Resource which indicates if the device is connected or not.