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Upgrade a Device Locally with the Latest Firmware

This page provides instructions to upgrade your Octave device with the latest firmware using your local development PC. Alternatively you can upgrade your device over the air if your device has been set up to communicate with Octave.

Windows Host

  1. You must install the drivers on your computer the first time by running: WP7702 driver for Windows.
  2. Install FDT tool.
  3. Connect your host PC to your device via the USB port.

Linux Host

  1. Install swiflash tool.
  2. Connect your host machine to your device via the USB port.

Mac Host

For Mac, upgrade tools are currently unavailable. If you're using MacOS, you must use a Linux or Windows machine (e.g., via a virtual machine) to update your Octave edge device.

Download the Latest Octave Firmware

Device Model

Latest Firmware Version

mangOH Red with WP7702


mangOH Yellow with WP7702


mangOH Yellow with WP76XX


FX30, FX30S with WP7702

3.3.0 with ATT SIM card

WP7702 (module only)

3.3.0 with ATT SIM card

WP76xx-1 (module-only)


Install the Firmware to Your Device


fdt2.exe -f <octave_firmware>.spk


swiflash -m <module> -i <octave_firmware>.spk

where module is either wp76xx or wp77xx according to the module family used in your device.

The device will reboot after installing the new firmware.

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Upgrade a Device Locally with the Latest Firmware

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