Octave Architecture Icons

When designing your solution with Octave, defining an end-to end architecture is fundamental before you start your implementation. This will allow you to make the most efficient choices and properly specify your solution beforehand. Coming up with a clear architecture is also the best way to interact with the Octave customer support team, to assist you with any guidance or support

In order to help you make diagrams representing your architecture, we provide you with the official Octave Icons set that we use in the Octave UI or in the Octage generic architecture Diagram


Octave Icon usage rules:

  • Use Octave Icons to represent how the Octave components will be used in your solution (Resources, Observations, Edge Actions, Connectors, ...)
  • Use the Octave Icons without modifications (distortion, crop, modification)
  • Don't use Octave Icons for non Octave parts of your solution or other products/solutions

Icon Pack Download