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Filtering the Device List

The Monitoring > Devices screen in the Octave Dashboard displays the Octave edge devices in your deployment. Often times it can be useful to filter the list to see specific devices in the deployment.

The screen includes the Show filters button (1) that allows you to configure one or more filters based on some aspect(s) of your Octave edge devices (e.g., by creation date, Tags, Blueprints, etc.):

Clicking the Show Filters button displays the Add filter on property dropdown (2) that allows you to select a property to filter on. Once the property is selected, property-specific fields appear allowing you to further configure the filter.



When a filter is added, another Add filter on property field will appear allowing you to add an additional filter.

In the screenshot above, a filter for Creation Date (3) has been added, and configured to show all devices created before June 22, 2020.

You can filter the devices through four different modes: Connectivity, Configuration, Identity, and Developer as shown in item (4) in the screenshot.

Add one or more rules to filter the list of devices. For example, you can filter by Tags, Blueprint, etc.

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Filtering the Device List

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